Sunday, February 20, 2011

snow? no!

You know what that means. . . dogwalk par-tay! We set that sucker up two days ago, and it's not coming down. OK, it will probably have some of the evil white stuff touching its rubbery goodness at some point this week, but we're hoping only for flurries that melt away post-haste.

In the meantime, run, run, run little border collie.
Run, run, run, goofy coonhound. Errr, I meant "stately" and "handsome."

By the way, sewing machine oil works great to help the pins slide right into the dogwalk hinges. And it's nontoxic. Now ends this public service message.

Video set to the music of Arcade Fire. Because they're Canadian, so of course they're awesome.

no more snow agility party 2.18.11 from prudence rabbit on Vimeo.

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