Sunday, August 8, 2010

as promised, a reuben agility mini-docudrama, in black and white

Agility course, feel the love.

I also played with Ms. Sparrow. See diagram below. No moving pictures. Sorry.

practice 8.6.10

This is how you use your Jedi Mind Powers and the Ever Powerful Pointy Bordercollie finger to send to the tunnel snugged up behind the giant hosta plant. Dumb.

using the powerful pointy bordercollie finger

Coming up next: Space Invaders courses, and hopefully more videos of my backyard, giant hosta plant and all. After watching the Arcade Fire live webcast concert this week, their songs will not leave my brain, so expect some Arcade Fire goodness to go along with those videos.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sparrow's t-shirt features a pink sparkly glitter heart, the center of which reads "my heart belongs to weavepoles"

My dog loves weavepoles so much she wants to marry them. Granted, they are still in the early stages of their relationship, where they might momentarily break up if I run really fast, or they might hit a rough patch if the entry is just too hard for their delicate young love. But, she still has that feeling, and knows it's for real: true love at first sight, love that will last a lifetime.

weave practice 8.4.10

Unfortunately, Dave did not feel the love for this course, created especially to fit just so in our unusually shaped agility practice space. Instead, he went mountain biking. Pshaw.

backyard practice 8.4.10

Tomorrow, dear backyard agility course, the flame will be rekindled.

Monday, August 2, 2010

cartoon reuben does agility

practice 8.1.10

Another saaaa-wheeeet backyard practice agility course!!
Reuben is normally a cartoonish version of a dog, but check this out--here he REALLY is a cartoon. Brought to you by the magic of Windows Movie Maker.

Reuben, even more of a cartoon than normal.

And here is Sparrow (non cartoon) making me run superfast practicing some of the same course, on the flat. Oh, and not wanting to let go of her favorite purple wubbie. It's just SO TASTY. And it's PURPLE.

So, yeah. Blind cross after 2, flip after 9, and go, go, go when the dog commits to 5. Also, blind cross would be SO GOOD after 14, if anyone ever gets that far. Dave is speedy, and did a blind after the #10 tunnel, too. I would never in a million years get there in time.

Dave wants me to do sprint exercises to speed up my agility running skillz. Stay tuned. . .