Sunday, June 17, 2012

smeef smeef. yeah!

Sparrow has the angelic-while-sleeping look down perfectly, especially when snugged up to her squeaky tennie ball. Smeef smeef.

We have decided that Stanley was a surfer dog in a previoius life, hanging around the surf shack with his dudes, smiling a lot. Or, possibly, he is the dog on those life is good t-shirts. Yeah, he likes it here.

Don't mind me, I always use agility equipment as furniture. Sandpaper grip is comfy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

in which we visit an agility oasis

It might be the middle of winter, and there might be snow and ice, or a giant rain puddle covering the yard from another January thaw (yum!), but those who seek agility practice will not be defeated.

Enter a brief visit to the oasis of agility.

Oh. my. goodness. The dogs were so happy. Reuben would not stop aroooing (ok, so he always arooos when doing agility). Stanley did the happy dance. Sparrow indicated that she wanted the agility to go on forever and ever. Loudly.

Sigh. Happy sigh.


 In other news, Reuben wants a jacket with a racing stripe. We'll see if my sewing mojo is up to task.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

in which there is an apparent destruction of grass

  So, this is what happens to the yard when it rains and rains and snows and melts and rains again. Don't worry, this grass has super powers. We did this last year, and it came back as green as ever. Of course, last year, there was only one Border Collie trampling through the mud . . .

 Border Collies also play in the snow. At least someone around here has fun in the winter. .





 Reuben views winter as a good time to sleep on the couch, wearing a sweater, under a sleeping bag. But, really, when isn't it a good time for that?


 Cats do not, I repeat, do not, go outside.
  a very serious cat

 Outside is for heathens. And Border Collies.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

in which there are toys

is stealing
my toy

Sylvia always has something to say, and someone to tell on (Sparrow!).

Sunday, November 6, 2011

in which there is much excitement

Many exciting things have happened lately. Sparrow earned some new titles. Stanley learned how to weave. Reuben decided that he actually does still like to run at agility trials, if those trials occur in his favorite building, especially on a Friday night, with or without a full moon.

The most exciting thing of all, however, was the fortuitous discovery of THE BEST TOY INVENTED EVER IN THE HISTORY OF BORDER COLLIES.

Ok, deep breath. Ahhhhh. But, apparently, if you are a Border Collie, JW Pet Megalast Balls are better than truffles, better than Turkish Delight, better than Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, even better than squirrels (gasp).

If you are any type of dog other than a Border Collie, these toys are so boring, they might as well be invisible.

But if you are Sparrow or Stanley, megalast = best. thing. ever.

In other excitement, Sparrow earned NAJ and OA. Yay! We finally managed to run clean in jumpers for the final leg, and she kicked it in 18.45 sec. Whee! Also, she went 3 for 3 in Open Standard. That's my girl!

Stanley learned how to weave. Thanks 2x2's and Megalast Ball!

Reuben earned another leg each for NA and NAJ. One more leg to go for each! And, last Friday, he pretty much rocked it out coonhound style in two runs of CPE. He even did the dreaded teeter with no issues, two runs in a row. Go hound!

I have video of some of the runs, but they are still sitting in the camera. In the meantime, here is a video of Stanley learning running contacts. Running contacts is Stanley's new most favorite game, naturally, since it involves the best toy on the planet.

Also, Sparrow plays agility with the most favorite green ball. Don't tell Stanley.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

in which sparrow directs much energy towards not chasing squirrels

This is Sparrow's serious face for when she's using 97.8% of her willpower not to look at the squirrels dangling in the tree branches behind her. What you can't see is the chunk of facial fur she ripped off last week chasing squirrels through the bushes in the yard. Ahem.


By the way, that's officially Sparrow NA to you, as of last Sunday. And she earned a JWW leg to boot! It was a new venue for us, so it was extra nice that she was fine with doing agility in a brand new place.

Her brother, on the other hand, let's just say there was a fair bit of houndy sadness, and not much houndy fast runningness. However, he is an excellent couch-snuggler. Also, up to this past weekend he was tied with his sister in amount of AKC Q's.

best couch buddy

Here is proof that Reuben can actually do agility. The music is "Il Porno Star" by Shellac. Listen to it and tell me it's not made for agility.

Friday, September 16, 2011

in which we are spoiled

Not me.
not me

Due to the excessive number of cats who must sleep on the bed at night, Alex is generally not allowed to join in the pile-on. However, he is a thunderstorm weenie, so there is ONE exception for stormy nights.

Alex, being Alex took shameless advantage of this exception last night.
Alex, "Whinge, whinge, whinge. Moan. Oh help."
Me (in my sleep-weakened state), "Is there thunder? Oh, poor baby. Come up on the bed. Join the 35 cats already sleeping on my person."
Alex, "Sigh." (happy dance!)

There was no thunderstorm last night.

Fluff my pillow.
fluff my pillow