Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

the one we didn't videotape

Our Sunday, in a nutshell: we arrived at 1:30, we left at 5 (yay one-ring trials), Dave mentioned that I might benefit from a prescription for Xanax (perhaps!), Reuben decided that he hated agility (boo!), the stopped dogwalk performance stashed up my sleeve saved us from the wicked dogwalk exit in standard, Reuben decided that he loved agility (yay!).

We went home with one lovely ribbon each (Sparrow in Standard and Reuben in Jumpers), and Reuben earned seven points towards a spot in the Black & Tan Coonhound Performance Hall of Fame for his second-place finish. Yes, there is such a thing. Don't laugh.

Oh, and we have NO VIDEO because we were right next to each other in the running order.


She's such an earnest little dog, ready to do whatever I say in the ring, despite the fact that I am a GIANT bundle of nerves. Now when it comes to counter-surfing, hmmm, not the most obedient of little beasts she is.

Pretend this is a second place ribbon. We didn't realize they had given us the wrong ribbon until we were already on our way home. Whoops! Reuben's jumpers run was fab, which was a complete shocker because he nervous sniffed his way over to the leash basket after half of his standard run. Such are the mysteries of the Performance Coonhound!

Also, behold the new harness and leash I made last week so Reuben and Sparrow could trial in style.

Work it, Reuben!

Cutest. Ever. Counter-Surfer.



Thursday, June 2, 2011

in which our grass is resilient and grows back despite the lack of any assistance on our part

Lookie here, our grass grew back for the summer!

benjacat and prudencerabbit's recipe for spectacular grass regrowth
-neglect and ignore grass until it burns out during unusually hot and dry summer (benefit: no need to waste fossil fuels mowing)
-let 5 dogs run around on it throughout unusually cold and snowy winter (ok, 4 dogs--Reuben does not do winter, unless he is snugged up inside on his favorite couch)
-let 5 dogs run around on it throughout unusually cold and rainy spring
-practice agility on it throughout unusually cold and rainy spring until it looks like the underside of Reuben's belly (ie: naked)

et voila! lush, green grass by June.

Here is what we did today:
backyard practice 6.2.11

My phone was low on batteries, so my video came out a bit jerky. You can still see all of the exciting parts, though. And you can hear my dog being a punk while her big bro Reuben is running with (gasp!) HER daddy. The nerve.

in which we are happy that our grass is resilient and returned for the summer from prudence rabbit on Vimeo.