Thursday, July 29, 2010

my backyard, as illustrated by cleanrun course designer tm copyright

backyard practice 7.29.10

This is the course we set up for today's thrilling agility practice. The diagram approximates part of my backyard and all of it's fabulous agility-unusable areas, like the overgrown rock-garden featuring a huge boulder next to the pear tree where the squirrels hang out and throw half-eaten pears at us. And pee on the agility tunnel. From the tree. True story.

Here is a sampling of Dave's handling of the course, featuring a nifty blind cross in the pinwheel. It is entitled "Dave is Exciting and Runs Fast." Alternatively, it is titled "He Had Better, Because Coonhounds Only Run Fast if Someone Else is Doing it First."

dave is exciting and runs fast

This one is entitled, "Katie is Boring and Points Her Finger at Her Border Collie." In my defense, I did pull off a tandem turn (rear cross on the flat after the jump). Nifty.

katie is boring and points her finger at her border collie