Saturday, February 26, 2011

what hound is it?

What hound is it right now?
what hound is it?




Tuesday, February 22, 2011

put on your wind pants. . .

. . . it's time to train agility.

sparrow agility 2.19.11 and 2.20.11 from prudence rabbit on Vimeo.

Or wear your Whole Foods skully and your thrift store jeans. You decide what goes better with The National and running contacts.

Agility, in the backyard--what a novelty! The squirrels thought so, too. At least they weren't throwing empty peanut shells on us. Dear neighbors, please stop feeding the squirrels peanuts in the shell. Empty peanut shells do not agree with my dogs' delicate constitutions.

Another highlight of the week: giant ice storm. Yeah! Fortunately, the agility gods were smiling upon us because the 25 foot limb that fell off of the oak tree missed my dogwalk by inches.

Wind pants cannot save us from flying topiary.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

snow? no!

You know what that means. . . dogwalk par-tay! We set that sucker up two days ago, and it's not coming down. OK, it will probably have some of the evil white stuff touching its rubbery goodness at some point this week, but we're hoping only for flurries that melt away post-haste.

In the meantime, run, run, run little border collie.
Run, run, run, goofy coonhound. Errr, I meant "stately" and "handsome."

By the way, sewing machine oil works great to help the pins slide right into the dogwalk hinges. And it's nontoxic. Now ends this public service message.

Video set to the music of Arcade Fire. Because they're Canadian, so of course they're awesome.

no more snow agility party 2.18.11 from prudence rabbit on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

in which a border collie and a hound express their excitement

Well then. Little Miss Spare-ee-O was, shall we say, . . . happy. . . to be back in class. As in, cloud 9 thrilled. As in, going big on every possible obstacle just because she could RUN. Wheeee!

Yeah, we are so ready for the snow and ice to BE GONE. Maybe this weekend? (fingers crossed).

She did look supercute, and she did her aframe contacts, and err, some of her dogwalks (eep!).

So, I set up the plank in the basement yesterday, where she was in the yellow every time--she always is in the basement. Hmmm.

sparrow agility 2.9.11 from prudence rabbit on Vimeo.

Reuben was super in class (as usual). Although, he might need a little dogwalk refresher as well.

One excited hound.

in which a hound expresses his excitement from prudence rabbit on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

in which there is a debut, and a triumphant return

There's a new agility dog in town. Ms. Sparrow participated in her very first trial today, and came home with a sparkly new title!

Additionally, and possibly even more triumphantly, Reuben returned to agility trialing for the very first time since very nearly checking out of existence last November.

It was an ASCA trial. We each entered only two jumpers runs so we could leave the other dogs snug at home, and so we didn't strain anyone's delicate sensibilities with overmuch agility. Although, I do believe my delicate sensibilities were strained with the 5:30 AM alarm this morning.

Also, Sparrow thinks it was BS that she only got to do 27 total seconds of agility.

Sparrow's runs:

Reuben's runs. He was totally robbed of the one Q he needed for his Elite Jumpers title by the superfast ASCA SCT of 29 seconds. Next time, Reuben, you will be even more triumphantly triumphant.