Sunday, July 26, 2009

a teetering hound

Welcome to the very first post on AgilityHound, the blog, aka Benjacat and Prudence Rabbit Do Agility.

Benjacat has been out of town this weekend, participating in his other fringe sport, bicycle racing, so I took a few moments to work with his dog, Reuben the Wonder Coonhound, on the teeter. Reuben has been doing agility for quite some time now, but unfortunately he is a big baby, erm. I mean, he still has issues with the teeter.

He does just fine with my short teeter base, so I finally got out my drill and put an extra slat on the teeter board so it would fit on the ancient built-in swingset that happens to be cemented into my backyard. How fortuitous!

Here is a short video of Reuben going over the new BIG teeter. He is actually being a vewy bwave widdle hound. I think the sound/impact of metal teeters freaks him out the most (Ruh Roh! says Reubie Doo), so the plan is to eventually place something hard and flat under the end of this teeter.

Yes, he barks a lot during agility. No, he does not bark all of the time. It's pretty much just during agility. No one believes us, but it's true. He sleeps through most of the day, every day, recharging just in time for agility.

Who, me?