Tuesday, May 17, 2011

we have cats, too

But apparently we don't have enough baskets.

thee cat basket

The black & white is Benjamin. The annoyed-looking tiny tabby is Mirah, and the tuxedo cat in the back is D'Arcy. Yes, there are three cats in there. Cozy.

the one where he jumps the cones

Reuben did his first AKC trial a few weeks ago. He was a brave little hound (sort of) in this new-to-him location. The day, however, did include a Series of Unfortunate Hound Events.

Firstly, and perhaps most tragically, he jumped the cones next to the jump instead of the actual jump. One would think this would be No Big Deal, as this was novice jumpers, where one can have two refusals. Dave took him over the jump, and they went on their merry way.

However, the judge insisted that he had jumped the jump the first time, and not just the cones, and called an off-course. An off-course for jumping the numbered cones next to the jump! Oh, the moaning and gnashing of teeth! Oh, the indignity!

Secondly, the noisy arena heater, located directly above the weave poles, clicked on at the exact moment he entered the weave poles. Much hound consternation and baying ensued.

Thirdly, and probably most tragically according to our loyal hound, the unfamiliar teeter in an unfamiliar place was the second obstacle in standard. This situation elicited one look at the offending teeter before The Brave Sir Reuben tucked tail and got the heck out of town. Oh, the irony.

The good news is, once Reuben got going in jumpers, he actually had a nice half of a run. And Dave's front cross was bad-ass, even though the blind cross is his specialty.

The other good news is that Reuben measured just under 22" by the VMO. We had him entered in Preferred, thinking he would have to jump 24" in regular, hence the munchkin-sized jumps because we had to move him down a jump height.

Monday, May 16, 2011

when our border collie's intestines are happy, we are happy

Sparrow is finally, finally, dare I say it, having consistently lovely poops after weeks of on-again-off-again mysterious intestinal unhappiness. Knock wood, cross my fingers, toss salt over my shoulder.

Hooray for lovely poops. Keep up the good work, colon.


Sparrow says that she's happy as long as she gets her meds with California style cottage cheese.