Wednesday, August 10, 2011

at last we have a Stanley

This is Stanley..

He is a very cute, very adolescent, very male, very smoothie, Border Collie..
I spied him on petfinder in a county shelter a few hours south from here. Dave happened to be taking a depo kind of in the area, so dropped by to check him out.

The shelter seems to lack a lot in the way of funds--the kennel was a separate, un-air-conditioned cinderblock building, and they don't spay/neuter as part of the adoption package. However, there are a number of dedicated volunteers/staff who give the dogs a lot of attention. Stanley was a staff favorite. He was turned in by his former owners who noted that he was 11 months old, housebroken, and that they had acquired him three months prior from their brother. Listed reason for giving him up: moving.

He spent about a month at the shelter before Dave came to meet him.

The rest, as they say, is history.

He has been enjoying his new life of air conditioning, shady backyard playtime, and the kiddie swimming pool.

Actually, he enjoyed the kiddie pool so much that he dug several holes in it. Dave bought him a stock tank..

Welcome home, Stanley. Welcome home.