Monday, August 2, 2010

cartoon reuben does agility

practice 8.1.10

Another saaaa-wheeeet backyard practice agility course!!
Reuben is normally a cartoonish version of a dog, but check this out--here he REALLY is a cartoon. Brought to you by the magic of Windows Movie Maker.

Reuben, even more of a cartoon than normal.

And here is Sparrow (non cartoon) making me run superfast practicing some of the same course, on the flat. Oh, and not wanting to let go of her favorite purple wubbie. It's just SO TASTY. And it's PURPLE.

So, yeah. Blind cross after 2, flip after 9, and go, go, go when the dog commits to 5. Also, blind cross would be SO GOOD after 14, if anyone ever gets that far. Dave is speedy, and did a blind after the #10 tunnel, too. I would never in a million years get there in time.

Dave wants me to do sprint exercises to speed up my agility running skillz. Stay tuned. . .

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