Thursday, February 10, 2011

in which a border collie and a hound express their excitement

Well then. Little Miss Spare-ee-O was, shall we say, . . . happy. . . to be back in class. As in, cloud 9 thrilled. As in, going big on every possible obstacle just because she could RUN. Wheeee!

Yeah, we are so ready for the snow and ice to BE GONE. Maybe this weekend? (fingers crossed).

She did look supercute, and she did her aframe contacts, and err, some of her dogwalks (eep!).

So, I set up the plank in the basement yesterday, where she was in the yellow every time--she always is in the basement. Hmmm.

sparrow agility 2.9.11 from prudence rabbit on Vimeo.

Reuben was super in class (as usual). Although, he might need a little dogwalk refresher as well.

One excited hound.

in which a hound expresses his excitement from prudence rabbit on Vimeo.

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